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CDL Vertical Multistage Stage Water Pump Heating Circulating Pump Fire Fighting Pump

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Product Description

Product Description

QDL/QDLF Light Multistage Pump (QDL/QDLF轻型多级离心泵)

>>> Product Overview (产品简介)

QDL/QDLF is a latest vertical multistage pump with light weight. It has the features of energy-saving, environmental friendly, less space demand, easy installation, stable performance and convenient maintenance. The pump is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with excellent quality. Such an ideal pump is a perfect substitute for the former pressurizing pumps.

>>>Working Conditions (运行条件):

Clean cold or hot fluid without solid particles and fibers. Inflammable and explosive liquids are not allowed.

Medium temperature: -15ºC~+120ºC

Working temperature: ≤+40ºC

>>>Application Scope (应用领域):

Normal model is suitable for fluid delivery, circulation and pressurizing for hot or cold drinking water and softened water.

The stainless steel model is suitable for brackish water, mineral water, distilled water, swimming pool water and other fluids with chloride. On this condition, the fluid temperature should be lower than the former one.

>>>Typical Applications(典型应用):

Municipal water supply and pressurization

Industrial cycle systems and processing systems

Boiler feed water and cooling fluid systems

Home water supply

Environmental water treatment, osmosis systems

Agriculture irrigation and dewatering

Various cleaning, such as factory building cleaning

Other special applications

>>> Model Meaning (型号代号理解)


QDL: Light Vertical Non Self-priming Multistage Centrifugal Pump

F: Stainless Steel Flow Passage Components

8: Rated Flow (m3/h)

20: Stage x10


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