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DL High Capacity Vertical Multistage Inline Centrifugal Pump

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Product Description

DL/DLR Vertical Multistage Pump

>>> Product Overview:

DL/DLR vertical multistage centrifugal pump is a new product which is designed in accordance with national requirements on water supply and drainage for high-buildings and GB6245-2006 issued by National Fire Department. The pump is an advanced and efficient hydraulic model with high efficiency and wide range of functions, which can meet customers’ higher requirements. With vertical and subsection structure, it has a durable, stable and safe performance. It is also less space demand and easy to install and maintain, so it performs well in many fields, such as water supply and drainage for industries, cites and high buildings, fire-fighting pressurizing, long-distance water supply, cycle pressurization for heating, bathrooms and boilers and water supply for air conditioner refrigeration systems etc. The medium temperature should be no more than 80 ºC for model DL and no more than 120 ºC for model DLR.

>>>Working Conditions:

1. To deliver clean water or non-corrosive fluid similar with clear water in physical and chemical properties. The grains contained should be less than 1% of the total volume. Please inform if there are solid grains in medium when place the order.

2. Temperature of medium: -15~+120 ºC

3. The maximum working pressure: 2.5MPa

4. Environment temperature: <40 ºC,

5. Relative humidity (rh): <95%


Flow range: 5~80L/s

Head range: 24~160m

Pressure range: 0.2~2.25MPa

Motor power range: 1.5~200kW

Inlet/outlet diameter: DN50~DN200mm


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