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Fire Water Pump Diesel/Electrical/Jockey Pump Set Fire Fighting Pump With Control Panel

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Product Description

XBC Fire Water Pump Diesel/Electrical/Jockey Pump Set Fire Fighting Pump With Control Panel


A late-model fire-fighting equipment, XBC diesel engine fire-fighting pump group series are developed successfully, strictly complying with Chinese national standard-GB6245 2006 “Performance requirement and testing method of fire fighting pumps” and with NFPA20 “Installation of centrifugal fire-fighting pumps”.

Classified by fitted pump structures (single stage single suction type, single stage double suction, multistage stage single suction), this equipment can fall into three sub-categories: XBC-IS, XBC-S and XBC-D. They are widely used in many occasions.

The diesel engines can be from top rank domestic brand or international ones, which all have features of stable starting, high capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance and high automation. They are fire-protection equipments with advanced and dependable performance.


X61 35, 12V1 35, 4102 4105, 61 02, 4100 495 etc diesel engines series provide power for our pumps. Fire-fighting pump unit consists of fire-fighting pump and these diesel engines (also work with clutches), which is attached to high elastic clutches, besides diesel tank, radiation water tank, blower, control screen (for the automation unit) etc components.

Being the auto-control unit,a separate diesel engine auto-control cabinet (Programmable) carries out the system’s automatic starting, performance, auto-switching (the motor pump unit is switched to the diesel engine pump one or the diesel engine pump unit to another unit), auto-protection (warning and stopping protection for the diesel engine’s over-speed, lower oil pressure, high water temperature, three times of failures in starting, low voltage of accumulator warning etc functions) and also can be connected to fire fighting centers of users or the auto-warning device of fire with the purpose of remote monitoring.

In order To keep the unit working normally below 5℃, it can be fitted with an AC220V water-cooling pre-heater.

The diesel engine fire-fighting pump group can be formed as an automatic fire fighting ware-supply system(see tabel1), with an electric pump and pressure maintaining one, as you can read "Diesel engine control system". The equipment can be jointly controlled with a fire-fighting center.

There are two water inlet ways: self-pouring and suction-up. The former is preferred because of fire-protection standard. If our clients specially ask for suction-up ones, they are required to point out so our company supply automatic vacuum water leading device. However, the change of dimension of the pump unit is necessary.


Electric fire fighting water supply system is generally Consist of a pressure stabilizing pump, electric pump (corn pump) and automatic diesel engine pump (spare one) and its working principle manifest itself: usually the pipe network’s pressure maintain between P1 (low one) and P2f (high one) The stabilizing pump starts when the pressure below P1 and stops after it rises to P2. It lowers slowly from P2 to P1 due to the leakage of the network, the stabilizing pump starts again to maintain between P1 and P2. When the amount of water is increased, the stabilizing pump could not keep the pressure at P1 and it quickly fall to P3 the electric pump starts and the pressure rises to PW (well) to meet with the demand for fire-fighting water. In case of power-off or a failure in the electric pump operation, the pressure goes on lowering from P3 to P4, the diesel engine pump automatically starts to operate, and then it rises to PW and provides water. The electric pump or diesel engine pump has to stop if any man-made judgment, if it comes to large leakage from the pipe network, it is necessary to add pressure stabilizing tanks or make the pressure stabilizing pump normally opened so as to avoid frequent starting

(1)    KYCK BH series semi-auto diesel engine fire-fighting pump control equipment.

This electric control cabinet (box) has both manual and semi-auto control function and can display the oil pressure, water temperature of the diesel engine, the charging current of the accumulator and warning at too low level of the oil tank. Automatically start the diesel engine pump in case of a failure in the electric pump operation or power-off under the fire-alarm status and remotely start the diesel engine pump. This control mode is used when the power of the diesel engine is below 110KW.

(2) KYCK BZ series fully-auto diesel engine fire-fighting pump control equipment.

This electric control cabinet (box) has both manual and fully-auto control function and can display the diesel engine’s oil pressure and oil temperature and water temperature and emergency warning, reveal of accumulator’s charging current, warn at an abnormal condition and when level of the oil in tank is too low .as well as at an extra high speed or low speed for stopping and when three starting failures warning. It can be automatically charging when battery’s voltage is too low, which could be connected to a fire-fighting center or an automatic fire-alarm device to conduct the remote linkage control. As a multi-pumps unit, it can realize units switch and regular inspection of fire-fighting pump and constant pressure on power frequency (such function should be added in our clients’ contract). This control way adapt to diesel engine of above 110kw.


We supply diesel engine (including oil tank and accumulator) fire-fighting pump, high elastic clutch and their pedestal and electric control cabinet for control. Auto- fire -fighting water supply system formed by electric fire -fighting pump pressure and stabilizing pump etc. made in this company in fact are composed of the electric fire fighting pump, pressure stabilizing pump group and pressure controller. The joint cables for control cabinet and pump unit are not our business.


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