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Horizontal Centrifugal Sewage Water Supply Pump

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ZWL with combination of self-priming function and associated mode non-clog dredge function can run as a clean water self-priming pump, which is fixed with no any bottom valve. It can also extract any wasted water with large solid particles, long fiber, and deposit, mineral impunity and animal wastes etc. so such advantage will reduce labor intensity.It is easier to use,move,install and maintain and runs smoothly.

ZWL (1)


Working Air Humidity:≤50°C

Medium Temperature:≤80°C,special designed one:200°C

Medium PH:6-9 for cast iron pump,2-1 3 for stainless steel pump

Medium Density:≤1240kg/m3

Self suction height:≤4.5—5.5m

Suction pipe length:≤10m

Main application:Sewage drain in City


BZ Self-priming pump is a new pattern of energy-saving pump in 1990s.It has simple structure,stable function and feature of less noise.It is sealed by way of ceramic-ring mechanic ,so such pumps are corrosion resistant、alkaline-resisting、high temperature-resisting and nontoxic.This pump is smaller size but produce larger flow rate,higher pump head.And it is easy and safe to install,maintain and handle.It can be used in various industrial fields,such as chemical、pharmaceutical、mining、dyes and food industries,also used for water supply and drain in mining industry 、washing sector、fire-fighting sector and building trade。Any other filtering machine equipment can support its` use and when fixed with a nozzle in farm and orchard such pump turns to a sprayer.


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