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Multi-purpose Centrifugal Fire Pump Set System Clean Water

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Product Description

QKY Pneumatic Water Supply Equipment 


QKY series automatic fire-fighting pneumatic water supply equipment are designed to "fire protection design standard of high-rise building” and “fire protection design standard of architectural building”, meeting Chinese ministry of public security requirement GA30-92 and shanghai standard on entrepreneur Q/JBJG3-98 “fire pneumatic water supply equipment performance requirement”, the equipment is regarded as stationary fire device.

Consisting of pressure maintaining device, core pump, electronic control system, QKY series are designed to any specification of automatic fire water supply. The equipment realize multiple start with fire button and fire hydrant meanwhile show sign of the smoke, temperature, pressure and flow. We supply soft start one to meet our clients’ special requirements. Electric control cabinet has dual power and function of automatic switching.

>>>Performance Characteristics

Diaphragm tank is our component choice. We can supply to our clients equipment with technology of programmable control or timing soft start if being required. Ensure it is normal and safe performance.

  • Pressure stabilization

  • Anti-impact

  • Stable flow for fire-fighting

  • Full-automatic control

  • Complete function

  • Complete interface


  • Fire-fighting hydrants and sprinklers in high buildings

  • Water supply for life and fire-fighting systems

  • Pumps for all industries

  • Fire-fighting water supply in deluge systems

>>>Operating Parameters

  • Water flow: 400m3/h

  • Water pressure: 27MPa

  • Feedback time: <30s


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With integrated features of scientific research, development, manufacturing, sale, and services, Shanghai Kaiyuan is very unique in the pump producing field and enjoys a high reputation.


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