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Structure composition and internal workflow of the centrifugal pump

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The centrifugal pump is a pump that conveys liquid by the centrifugal force generated by rotating the impeller. The centrifugal pump can be divided into the following centrifugal pumps: oil pump, water pump, chemical pump, ash discharge pump, circulating pump, and so on.

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  • The structure of the centrifugal pump.

  • The specific internal workflow of the centrifugal pump.

The structure of the centrifugal pump.

The basic structure of the centrifugal pump is composed of six parts which are the impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, and packing box.

1. The impeller is the core part of the centrifugal pump, which has an advanced speed than the centrifugal pump and lesser force. The blades on the impeller play the main part. The inner and external shells on the impeller should be smooth to reduce the disunion loss of water inflow.

2, The pump body is also known as the pump shell, it is the main body of the pump. It plays a supporting and fixing role and is connected to the bracket for mounting bearings.

3, The role of the pump shaft is to connect the coupling and the motor, the motor torque to the impeller, so it is the main part of the transfer of mechanical energy.

4. Sliding bearings use transparent oil as a lubricant and add oil to the oil level line. Too much oil should seep along the pump shaft, and too little bearing should overheat and burn out causing accidents. In the process of pump operation, the temperature of the bearing is the highest at 85 degrees, and the general operation is about 60 degrees.

5. A sealing ring is also known as a leakage reduction ring.

6. The quilting box is substantially composed of quilting, water seal ring, packing barrel, packing gland, and water seal pipe. The function of the quilting box is substantially to close the gap between the pump shell and the pump shaft, help the water in the pump from flowing outdoors and help the outside air from entering the pump, and always maintain the vacuum in the centrifugal pump. When the pump shaft and the quilting disunion generated heat, it's necessary to calculate the water seal pipe to fit water into the water seal ring to cool the quilting and maintain the normal operation of the pump. Thus, special attention should be paid to the examination of the quilting box in the process of the operation of the pump, and the quilting should be replaced in the operation of 600 hours or so.

The specific internal workflow of the centrifugal pump.

Before starting the centrifugal pump, the pump shell is filled with the transported liquid. After starting, the impeller is driven by the shaft to rotate at a high speed, and the liquid between the blades must also rotate with it. Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown from the center of the impeller to the external edge and earnings energy, leaving the external edge of the impeller at high speed and entering the cochlear pump shell. In the volute, the liquid slows down due to the gradational expansion of the inflow passage, converts part of the kinetic energy into static pressure energy, and also flows into the discharge pipe at an advanced pressure and is transferred to the required place. When liquid overflows from the center of the impeller to the external edge, a certain vacuum is formed in the center of the impeller. Since the pressure above the tank position is lesser than the pressure at the pump bay, the liquid is continuously pressed into the impeller. Visible, as long as the impeller continues to rotate, the liquid will continue to be gobbled and discharged.

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