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Product Description

KY WFY non-negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment

The traditional way of water supply is coupled to reservoir, into which running water from tap-water supply network flow down. After tap-water flow into reservoir, the water pressure changes into zero, resulting in a large amount of energy wastage. Based on the pneumatic water supply equipment, KY WFY non-negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment supports the use of the tap-water supply network, which is developed by professionals in our company. The water pipe network connection, and does not have any negative effect on the tap-water supply network. Instead of using reservoirs, such equipment can make full use of the tap-water pressure, which serve directly or indirectly water supply. Thus, the process avoids the secondary waste of energy and pollution, also it saves infrastructure investment and shorten the construction period. KYWF non-negative pressure steady flow water supply equipment is composed of the variable frequency control cabinet, non-negative pressure steady flow tank, water pump group, flow meter, a valve and a pipeline base, etc. Such equipment is suitable for all water supply system that need to increase water pressure and maintain flow.

Main operating parameters:

Maximal flow: 0~1000 m3/h

hydraulic pressure: 0~2.7MPa

machine halt response time: < 15s


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