KYBC Diesel Engine Water Pump With Trailer

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KYBC stationary diesel engine driven self-priming pump is a pump with a novel structure developed on the base of similar technology abroad. The perfect combination of diesel engine and self-priming pump, together with four-wheel mobile trailer and outdoor shelter makes field operation possible, beyond the restriction of climate. The operation can be controlled both manually and automatically.
Combined self-priming with non-clogging sewage, possessing the structure of axial-flow outer recirculation, the uniquely-designed pump body and impeller channel, diesel engine driven self-priming pump can absorb and discharge liquid with large particles and continuous fiber impurities, just as self-priming fresh water pump,without using bottom valve and pump container for water diversion. This pump is therefore can be widely used in municipal sewage discharge system as well as flood-fighting and emergency rescues. KYBC movable diesel engine driven self-priming pump is your best choice among all kinds of diesel engine driven self-priming pumps.
Compared with domestic pumps of the same category, diesel engine driven self-priming pump is simpler in its structure, more better at self-priming work and more thoroughly in sewage charging. With its quality indexes taking the leading level in China, it has a good market appeal and promising future.