KYSB Horizontal Split Case Double Suction Pump

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    KYSB series split case single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump has remarkable characters as follows: full range of models, stable performance, high efficiency and easy to repair. KYSB pumps fall into more than 40 categories, nearly 400 items. We change the impeller diameter to increase the efficiency. We nearly can meet all customers’ needs of the head and flow.
This series are in accordance with lS02548C, GB3216C, GB/T5657 standards.
>>>Working Conditions
1. Rated speed: 990, 1480 or 2960r/min
2. Voltage: 380v, 6kv or 10kv
3. Inlet and outlet diameter: 150~600mm (in accordance with GB/T17241.66-1998 flange standard)
4. Flow: 68~3975m3/h
5. Head: 6~230m
6. Temperature: fluid temperature ≤80 ºC, ambient temperature≤40 ºC
7. Working pressure: 1.0MPa (G) (Hsp≤75m) or 1.6MPa (Hsp>75m)
8. Medium: clean water
9. Pipe parts for seal: it does not need to be installed when it is above 0.03MPa (G)
>>> Model Meaning
KYS: Kaiyuan Single-stage Double-suction Pump
B: New Model Split Centrifugal Pump
200: Inlet Diameter (mm)
K: Impeller Model K-Original Impeller, Z-Modified Impeller
6: 1/10 Of Impeller Speed
258: Specification Code (mm)
F: Rotation Direction Is Anticlockwise (Special Type). (Standard Type: No F)
    This product is widely used in iron and steel metallurgy industries, petrochemical refineries, paper mills, oil fields, mines, power plants, airport constructions, chemical plants, textile mills, sugar refineries, chemical plants and power plants. It also can be used for city water supply and drainage, urban water supply, water supply and drainage of central heating systems, fire water supply systems, air conditioning systems, farmland irrigation and drainage, and all other water related fields.