Water Supply Equipment

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Water supply and water pressure booster pumpsets (also known as pressure boosters, pressure booster pumps, water booster system, booster pressure pumps) offer pressure boosting solutions for domestic mains water and tank water supply systems. Where increased water pressure is needed, pressure booster systems are an effective solution to transfer water at a required pressure where you need it. From a mains water pressure booster on an inner city apartment block to a pump boosting pressure system on an irrigation sprinkler, their uses are wide & varied.
KAIYUAN PUMP purpose-build many different configurations of pressure boosting pumpsets depending on the customer’s requirements, often based on the reliable pumps. Whether it be single, dual, triplex, quadruplex – fixed speed or variable frequency drive (VFD), KAIYUAN PUMP has a solution to your pressure boosting needs.

- Booster systems
- Fixed speed systems
- Variable frequency systems
- Multiple pumps